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Best 9 TV Shows You Need to Watch in June



Why leave the couch on your precious days out of the office? Here, our favorite reasons to hibernate at home, with your new best friend, the remote.  Beat the heat this month with these excellent binge-watching options, coming to streaming services and a TV network near you.

Here is the list of your  favorite  TV Shows You Need to Watch in June


• Pose
First episode date: 3 June 2018

FX’s upcoming drama series “Pose” promises to be a milestone for TV in the number of transgender actors, writers and producers who are working on the 1980s-set dance musical. But as much as “Pose” is poised to be a mainstream breakthrough for its trans stars, it is also significant that the stories revolve around transgender people but they are not about the process of coming to grips with gender identity. The show, produced by Ryan Murphy’s busy shop, is set in 1987 New York in the ballroom culture of elaborate fashion competitions among groups of trans women.


• Just Another Immigrant
First episode date: 8 June 2018

Just Another Immigrant is an upcoming American television docuseries starring Romesh Ranganathan that is set to premiere on Showtime. The series is executive produced by Eric Pankowski, Benjamin Green, David Garfinkle, Jay Renfroe, and Ranganathan.


• Take Two
First episode date: 21 June 2018

Rachel Bilson stars as Sam, an actress who played a cop on a hit TV show before being forced to leave her career behind when she goes to rehab. After completing her program, she talks private investigator Eddie (Eddie Cibrian) into letting her tag along on the job, hoping that shadowing him will lead to her comeback. In the process, the two find that their new partnership actually works.


• American Woman

First episode date: 7 June 2018

A new, challenging life awaits Bonnie Nolan after she discovers her husband is having an affair. Amid the rise of second-wave feminism in the 1970s, the unconventional mom decides to leave her marriage and raise her two daughters by herself. It’s a struggle, but with the help of best friends Kathleen and Diana, the ladies each create their own brand of independence in a rapidly changing world that frowns upon it. Starring Alicia Silverstone as Bonnie, the comedy series is inspired by the real-life upbringing of co-executive producer Kyle Richards


• Condor

First episode date: 6 June 2018

A low-level CIA employee returns from lunch to discover that everyone in his office has been killed; on the run, he goes on to pursue the truth about who is behind the murders while continuing to dodge the hitmen who are after him.


• Dietland
First episode date: 4 June 2018

A ghostwriter for the editor of a New York fashion magazine struggles with self-image and sets out on a wildly complicated road to self-acceptance, as men accused of sexual abuse and assault disappear and meet untimely, violent deaths.


First episode date: 4 June 2018

If you’re into the superhero universe, then you’ll want to tune into the latest Marvel series, Cloak & Dagger. Starring Olivia Holt as Tandy Bowen (aka Dagger) and Aubrey Joseph as Tyrone Johnson (aka Cloak), the two teenagers must navigate the complications that come with having superpowers and, you know, dating. (June 7 on Freeform)


• Yellowstone
First episode date: 20 June 2018

Writer-director Taylor Sheridan (Hell or High Water) continues charting America’s badlands (and the unrest percolating within them) in this neo-Western series. Meet the Dutton clan, who has claim to the single largest contiguous ranch in the U.S. of A. – and you bet your butter beans everybody and their sister is fixin’ to get their mitts on it. Paterfamilias John (Kevin Costner) and his sons (Wes Bentley and Luke Grimes) must stand united if they hope to hold onto their land, but as is the case with modern oaters, identifying the heroes and villains isn’t always so simple. If this is the middle spoke of a TV Western renaissance – following Netflix’s stellar Godless and the upcoming Coen brothers’ oater anthology The Ballad of Buster Scruggs – we’re a-ok with that.


• Succession
First episode date: 3 June 2018

What if King Lear was a CEO instead of a monarch? And rather than a mere kingdom, he’s got an entire media empire to divvy up amongst his adult children? Brian Cox is crumbling titan Logan Roy; Kendall (Jeremy Strong) is the golden boy heir apparent to Pop’s throne, though not without his flaws (or Dad’s disappointment); Roman (Kieran Culkin) is the hard-partying screw-up; Siobhan (Sarah Snook) would rather pursue success in politics; and Connor (Alan Ruck) is the black sheep. Billions viewers in need of a new “rich people yelling in boardrooms” fix during the off-season, man, has HBO got a show for you.