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Roger Deakins : Cinematography Tips



Most film and video pros are familiar with Roger Deakins. We recently highlighted the master cinematographer when we covered the ins and outs of framing a medium shot. If for some reason you’re unsure of his legacy, Roger Deakins has earned 12 Oscar nominations for his work on such films as Shawshank Redemption, A Beautiful Mind, Skyfall, and almost every Coen Brothers film since Barton Fink. Award-winning cinematographer Roger Deakins shares his insight, wisdom, and experience. Learn from a true master with these tips.

Just as a cinematographer can teach viewers a lot about a story through vantage points, he or she can also show us characters in motion, at their most vivid and engaged, reminding us that stories are all about the actions we take and the reactions that occur as a result.

“I prefer Super 35 because it allows you to use short focal-length lenses. I also like the scale of that format — the intimacy — and the texture of the film grain. In some cases I find anamorphic to be almost too clean, too grain-free and pristine.” (AC Magazine, October 2007)

Regardless of what he uses, he uses it to its fullest potential. If you’ve seen The Shawnshank Redemption, No Country for Old Men, The Assassination of Jesse James, Skyfall or even How to Train Your Dragon, you’ve seen his work. The guy’s got a resume, and it’s a wonder that none of his work has placed him an oscar yet.