Best Moments from ‘The Fault in Our Stars’

1. When Hazel met Augustus

This is not how Hazel and Augustus meet in The Fault in our Stars. Gus watches Hazel, refusing to look away. Hazel, confused but intrigued, stares back at Gus. The duo holds glances for an impressive length of time until Gus finally looks away and Hazel reveals in her “win.” It’s odd, it’s awkward, and, on screen, it’ll be a feat of acting for the two leads. We can’t wait to see it.

2. The Metaphor Scene

Gus’ pretentiousness is never more perfectly displayed than in this scene, where he shows off the cigarettes he buys “as a metaphor” and Hazel throws down the word “hamartia.”

3. Any and All Scenes of Augustus Waters Driving

In the book, Hazel describes Gus’ driving as “horrific,” “astonishingly poor,” and a thing that frequently ends with “a tremendous JOLT.” This must be seen to be believed.

4. Isaac Smashing Up Augustus’ Basement

Isaac “kicks the crap out of” Gus’ furniture is up there with the best. Also, the last line of the scene — “that’s the thing about pain. It demands to be felt” — is a TFIOS classic, and must be heard coming out of Ansel Elgort’s mouth.

5. Hazel Telling Her Parents That She’s a “Grenade”

A depressed Hazel tells her parents that she’s a “grenade,” and “at some point,” she’s “going to blow up” and wants to minimize the casualties. It’s painful and raw, and will likely hit even harder on-screen.

6. Gus’ First Flight

This scene, where Gus, Hazel and Hazel’s mom fly to Amsterdam, As the plane takes off, Gus freaks out, marvelling over the view.

7. The Oranjee Dinner

Gus and Hazel’s Amsterdam dinner is one of the loveliest passages in TFIOS, with its romantic dialogue, “tasting of the stars,” and declaration that “the beautiful couple is beautiful.” It’s a scene practically begging to be filmed.

8. Meeting with Mr.Peter Van Houten

When Hazel and Gus finally arrive at the house of their beloved author, Peter Van Houten, the meeting is a disaster. Van Houten, to be played by Willem Dafoe, is an alcoholic monster, breaking the kids’ hearts and ruining their trip.

9. The Anne Frank House

10. The Sex Scene

11. The Gas Station

Weeks before dying, Gus, alone and in pain at a gas station, calls Hazel to come help him. When she finds him sitting in his car, covered in his own vomit, it’s the most vulnerable she, and we, have ever seen Gus.

12. Sudden Arrival of Peter Van Houten

Seeing the author hijack Gus’ funeral will certainly be great, but watching him finally apologize to Hazel after breaking into her car will be even better.

13. Hazel Finding Gus’ Letter

After days of searching for a letter she knew Gus had written to or about her, Hazel finally stumbles upon it, thanks to some help from Peter Van Houten’s sympathetic assistant. There’s no doubt that Shailene Woodley will be a wonderful Hazel, but it’s this scene, the last in the book, that will show the depth of her portrayal. We can’t wait to see it.



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