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Christopher Nolan destroyed one of only four IMAX camera in the world for ‘The Dark Knight’



IMAX cameras are not easy pieces of equipment. They’re heavy. They’re expensive. They’re loud. They’re also still quite rare—there’s only a few dozen of them currently in operation. IMAX cameras are made of magnesium (they’ve also been made of aluminum, but those tend to be too fragile), with lenses from Carl Zeiss that are then repurposed by the IMAX team and built to their own specific optic specifications. Nolan famously used IMAX cameras for The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. For The Dark Knight, Nolan was the first filmmaker to ever use an IMAX camera to partially shoot a feature film. Batman stunt went wrong Catwoman crushes camera. Catwoman s stunt double is destroying Imax cameras on the dark knight rises set video Moviefone. 

While filming The Dark Knight, One of the four IMAX cameras in the world destroyed.