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Best Short Films of Master Directors : Watch It!



Like many of us film aspirants, Most of the master directors in the world film also began their careers through shortfilms only. Here I am listing a number of short films done these meastros.

Check out the list of best among them. Best Short Films 2017 List

1. DoodleBug – Christopher Nolan

2. The Big Shave 1967 Martin Scorsese

3. My Best Friend’s Birthday (1987): Quentin Tarantino

4. Bottle Rocket : Wes Anderson

5. Amblin’ :Steven Spielberg

6. Xenogenesis 1978 : James Cameron

7. Day of the Fight : Stanley Kubrick

8. The Alphabet : David Lynch

9. Lick the Star : Sofia Coppola

10. Simpan : Park Chan-wook

11. Kiarostami – Nan va Koutcheh

12. Carne :Gaspar Noé

13. Katok i Skripka : Andrei Tarkovsky

14. Salomé : Pedro Almodóvar

15. Nocture :Lars von Trier

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