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List of Top 25 Movies With Unexpected Climax



1. Incendies
Director: Denis Villeneuve
Nawal (Lubna Azabal), a dying Middle Eastern woman living in Montreal, leaves separate letters to her twin children to be read once she passes away. Jeanne (Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin) is to deliver hers to the father the twins never knew, and Simon (Maxim Gaudette) is to give his to the brother they never knew they had. The siblings travel to the Middle East separately, where they each experience acts of brutality, uncover a startling family history and have revelations about themselves.

2. Shutter Island
Director: Martin Scorsese
Teddy Daniels and Chuck Aule, two US marshals, are sent to an asylum on a remote island in order to investigate the disappearance of a patient, but Teddy uncovers a shocking truth about the place.

3. The Sixth Sense
Directors: M. Night Shyamalan
Malcolm Crowe, child psychologist, starts treating a young boy who acts as a medium of communication between Crowe and a slew of unhappy spirits.

4. The Prestige
Director: Christopher Nolan
Two friends and fellow magicians become bitter enemies after a sudden tragedy. As they devote themselves to this rivalry, they make sacrifices that bring them fame but with terrible consequences.

5. The Usual Suspects
Director: Bryan Singer
Five criminals meet during a routine police line-up. Upon their release, they plan to pull off a dangerous heist involving precious emeralds worth three million dollars.

6. Memento

Director: Christopher Nolan
A man, suffering from short-term memory loss, uses notes and tattoos to hunt for the man he thinks killed his wife. Stars: Guy Pearce.

7. Orphan

Director: Jaume Collet-Serra
A couple, who recently lost their baby, adopts a nine-year-old girl. They soon find out that she has a troubled and mysterious past and she is not at all who she pretends to be.

8. The Game

Director: David Fincher
A banker receives a strange birthday gift from his brother. When he actually utilises the gift, he falls in trouble.

9. Predestination

Directors: Peter Spierig, Michael Spierig
An agent is tasked to travel back in time to prevent a bomb attack in New York in 1975.

10. The Mist

Director: Frank Darabont
David and his son are trapped in a supermarket along with some other townsfolk, when suddenly a mist engulfs the entire city, bringing along bloodthirsty creatures that devour anyone in their path.

11. 1408

Director: Mikael Håfström
A man who specialises in debunking paranormal occurrences checks into the fabled room 1408 in the Dolphin Hotel. As he settles in, he confronts genuine terror. Stars: John Cusack, Samuel L.

12. Mulholland Drive

Director: David Lynch
A dark-haired woman (Laura Elena Harring) is left amnesiac after a car crash. She wanders the streets of Los Angeles in a daze before taking refuge in an apartment. There she is discovered by Betty (Naomi Watts), a wholesome Midwestern blonde who has come to the City of Angels seeking fame as an actress. Together, the two attempt to solve the mystery of Rita’s true identity. The story is set in a dream-like Los Angeles, spoilt neither by traffic jams nor smog.

13. Donnie Darko

Director: Richard Kelly
Donnie Darko, a mysterious character academically and socially, befriends Frank, a figure in a bunny costume only he can see. Frank informs Donnie that the world will end in 28 days.

14. Enemy

Director: Denis Villeneuve
Adam, a college professor, spots an actor in a movie who looks exactly like him. Adam tracks down his doppelganger and starts living his life secretly, which gives birth to a complex situation.

15. Primal Fear

Director: Gregory Hoblit
Young altar boy Aaron Stampler’s life changes when he is accused of murdering a priest. Things take a turn when renowned lawyer Martin Vail decides to take up his case.

16. Fight Club

Director: David Fincher
Discontented with his capitalistic lifestyle, a white-collared insomniac forms an underground fight club with Tyler, a careless soap salesman. The project soon spirals down into something sinister.

17. Se7en

Director: David Fincher
A serial killer begins murdering people according to the seven deadly sins. Two detectives, one new to the city and the other about to retire, are tasked with apprehending the criminal.

18. Twelve Monkeys

Director: Terry Gilliam
James Cole, a convict, decides to volunteer for a mission, wherein he has to travel back in time to learn about the main reason behind the outbreak of a virulent holocaust.

19. Inception

Director: Christopher Nolan
Cobb steals information from his targets by entering their dreams. He is wanted for his alleged role in his wife’s murder and his only chance at redemption is to perform the impossible, an inception.

20. Prisoners
Director: Denis Villeneuve
When the police take time to find Keller Dover’s daughter and her friend, he decides to go on a search himself. His desperation leads him closer to finding the truth but also jeopardises his own life.

21. Identity

Director: James Mangold
Stranded at a desolate motel during a nasty rainstorm, ten strangers become acquainted with each other when they realise that they’re being killed off one by one.

22. Oldboy

Director: Park Chan-wook
A man, held captive for no apparent reason for years, is given a cell phone, money and expensive clothes and released. Unless he finds out the identity of his captor, an even worse fate awaits him.

23. The Others

Director: Alejandro Amenábar
Grace moves into a new house with her two photosensitive children in Jersey. When a series of inexplicable events occur, Grace starts believing that her house is haunted.

24. The Village

Directors: M. Night Shyamalan
An isolated town lives in fear of an unknown monster from the surrounding woods. But when one from the community is badly injured, a blind girl sets out into the woods to find help from beyond.

25. The Secret in Their Eyes

Director: Juan José Campanella
Decades later, an ex-legal counsellor revisits a homicidal case in order to write a novel hoping to find a closure to it and interact with his love interest, who happens to be his superior.