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Stream Movies From Torrent Without Downloading



In this post, we are explaining how to watch movies online or how to stream movies online from torrents without downloading it. This method has many advantages.

  • You don’t need to download the movie to your device so that data usage is less.
  • The time required to download the film to the cloud is quick.
  • You can download the movie at any time using any downloader

Let’ see how to use this method. Follow the steps below.

Step 1

Find the appropriate torrent file to the movie that you need to download. For that access some popular websites that provide the torrent files. After getting a healthy torrent file (High Seed/Leach) copy the magnet link from that or else download the torrent file. Do check the screenshots below to get an idea of doing this step.

Go to an appropriate website to get the required film

Find the movie to download and click on the download button to get magnet/torrent file

Right click on the magnet icon and copy the link address

Step 2

After copying the magnet address go to Seedr.CC  to download the film on the cloud storage.

Now login to Seedr, for that you need either Sign Up using E-mail or direct login using your Facebook account.

Click on the facebook button to login using your facebook account

Step 3

After Logged into your Seedr account, you will a see a window like this.

Hope you will be noticed the red marked section. You should paste the magnet link to that field and press enter to start downloading.

Step 4

In the next moment, you can see the downloading process

The below windows shows that the downloading has been compleated

Step 5

After that double click on the folder icon and find your video file. Just click on it to start streaming that specific video.

Now you can see the video started playing.

Hope you all liked the special tutorial post. Feel free to ask doubts and share to your friends