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Top 10 Moments In ‘FRIENDS’ – Help you to ‘Get Off The Plane’

When it comes to sitcoms I think friends is the best. Even after 10 years we really miss them. I still think that I”I got off the plane” was the perfect ending for the iconic sitcom. So here is the top 10 moments of friends.

#10. When joey decided to go one better and wear all of the chandlers clothes.


This was in the episode “the one where no one is ready”. Ross wanted to get his friends out of Monica’s house, but all of his friends get into trouble. Joey and chandler fight over a chair. Then, I think if ever someone is need of a way to get revenge on a friend, they should look to joey. “look at me, I am chandler, could I be wearing any more clothes?” this dialogues makes me laugh all the time, and of course who could forget to do some lunges as well.

#9. The one with Unagi.


From first season itself, I loved Ross, partly because myself you know I am a geek too… Unagi episode was really one of Ross’s best. This was when he tried to teach phoebe and Rachel about Unagi. The way they gave sarcastic replies to his comments provided a lot of laughs and who could forget Rachel iconic reply “SALMON SKIN ROLL”.

#8. When Monica came in with turkey on her head in a thanksgiving episode and Chandler said “I love you” for the first time.

Thanksgiving episodes in friends are just awesome. The one where brad Pitt comes over was also a really funny one, but back in 5th season when everybody shares their thanksgiving stories chandler found out that because of Monica he became “sir limps a lot”.that makes him angry and Monica comes to chandlers apartment with a turkey on her head. Monica and chandler were great couples. This was the first time chandler says “I love you “ to Monica. When it comes to “I love you” saying my icon is Ted Mosby, when he said I love you to robin on their first date.This I love you saying was fun too..imagine you are saying I love you to somebody for the first time and your girlfriend has a turkey on her head.

#7. When Monica explained the Seven female erogenous zones to Chandler.

Whenever I hear seven it makes me laugh and I think about the expression of Monica Geller (Bing). Chandler’s facial expression when Monica explains about the seven female erogenous zones is priceless. While all these happening Rachel just sit there and hears it like a professional.

#6.They don’t know that we know when phoebe plays a trick on Monica and Chandler.


This was when phoebe finds about Monica and chandler, she and Rachel decided to play some tricks and then they will reveal about their relationship. Phoebe’s performance in this episode is just magnificent.” Okay, Chandler, this is my bra” that really makes me laugh. Also the famous quote too” they don’t know that we know, they know we know”.

#5. Trapped in an ATM vestibule!


It was back in the first was a black out and chandler is trapped in an atm vestibule with Jill Good-acre. HILARIOUS!..from this one the episode we could understand chandlers potential.ohh…and how could you forget the lines..” a gum would be perfection.”Also the climax dialogue “I am account number 7143457 I don’t know if you have got any of that, but I would really like a copy of a tape”.

#4. When Rachel kisses Ross after seeing the prom video.


OMG! This was one of the scenes that made me cry. It was the second season, Ross and Rachel drift apart because of a silly list made by Ross about Julie band Rachel.Then after seeing Monica and Rachels prom video, she understands that when she got stood up on prom by chip Mathews.Ross dressed up to take Rachel to prom, but eventually, chip comes and Ross become heartbroken.That was a sweet thing from Ross isn’t it?.the kiss they share after was a passionate one and phoebe says, “ see he ‘s her lobster”. I loved the lobster theory of Rachel, and I still believe that my lobster is just around the corner.

#3. When Ross defines love.


This was when Ross finds out about Rachel and joey, and he invites them over to his apartment for dinner.where he is drunk and becomes out of control.actually, the friends crew made Ross a big jerk  of himself. Then, in front of joey, Rachel and Charlie Ross defines love,  I memorized those lines just after watching that.”L for life and what’s life without love. O for OH WOW..V for a very surprising turn of events which I am still fine with..E for how extremely normal I find it.

#2. The apartment bet, “He is a transponder”


For me, simply the funniest moment in friends.when joey, chandler Monica and Rachel fights about the fact that who knows each other better. Ross help them with a quiz and after a tie it enters a lightning round.that whole episode was funny.I still remember some of the answers..big fat goalie, the weekend at Bernie’s-Rachel favorite movie.finally, Ross asks what’s chandler Bings job: they are confused and Rachel comes out with the funniest answer ever” he is a transponder”, Monica replies “that’s not even a word “ in her own tone.also the tv guide address “ms. Chandler bong”.

#1. “I got off the plane”


Finally, I got off the plane moment. How could anybody forget that scene, I watch that scene almost everybody I am happy that the plane had a problem with its left phalanges LOL. And those final dialogues “ so you and me alright, this is it”.Then Ross says: “ this is it unless we are on a break”, and the way the kissed in the final passionate isn’t it? For me, it was the fitting end to a great sitcom.


This is it my top 10 moments.this was a really hard job to pick the best ones, I literally loved every bit of it.some are also worth mentioning, when Ross says “I Ross, take thee Rachel” instead of Emily, I read somewhere that they had to cut out the actress who played Emily, because she was pregnant.also the moments, when phoebe introduced the smelly cat, joey reveals about the “how you doing” pick up line, phoebe’s wedding, when chandler proposes to Monica. Ohh..this is a hard job. This is dedicated to all friends fans across the world. YAY!



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