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Deadpool 3 : Writers Ready For Crossover With Marvel Heroes



Deadpool 3 MCU Crossover

The writers of the first two films, Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, spoke about the future of Deadpool to the ComicBook website. The two are already eyeing Deadpool 3, which seems inevitable at MCU. As much as they admitted to the site not contacting Marvel Studios, they are still in contact with Ryan Reynolds.

As uncertain as Deadpool will enter MCU after their participation in the Fox mutant universe, Wernick and Reese are ready to get their hands on some Marvel characters.

“We’re in touch with Ryan,” Wernick said. “We’ve got several projects with him. Moving forward, we’ve got 6 Underground on Netflix coming out in December with Ryan. Then, we’re rewriting Clue for him right now, which will hopefully shoot in the spring. We’ve got a few other things brewing with him, not including Deadpool, which will hopefully come to the surface real soon.”

“Ryan’s our muse. We would do everything with Ryan, every single project if we could,” Wernick says. “We just love him so much. He’s a brilliant actor and a dear friend. Yeah. When that text comes, we will open the final draft and start with the title page of Deadpool 3.”

“We definitely want to play in the sandbox,” Reese said. “One of the great things about the MCU is how rich and broad it is. For instance, just think about the world of villains, how great the world of villains is. We’re never able to use a lot of those villains because they were on the MCU. Well, now we can. So, right away, we’re definitely excited about getting the shot to do that. I think Ryan is too. I think the MCU people are too, just the idea of throwing Deadpool into the mix is exciting to them.”

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Ultimately, the duo sounds ready: “I would not at all be shocked to see a really fun crossover that we’re taking advantage of all the tools at our disposal and all the rich characters at our disposal,” Reese concludes.

Deadpool 3 has not yet been officially announced.